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$40 Million Lost in a Week due to LockerGoga Ransomware


There is no denying that the existence of the Internet and emails have made our lives easier. However, these mediums also possess risks. Through these mediums, malicious actors can execute a sophisticated attack, such as ransomware to your business. One of the ways to execute a ransomware attack is via a phishing email. In fact, 97% of phishing emails contain ransomware.

One company that has experienced ransomware via a phishing email is Norsk Hydro, a company that produces and supplies aluminium. The ransomware named LockerGoga successfully encrypt all files, shutting down computers entirely, and logging out all users. Therefore, LockerGoga has halted production process and cause the company to lose approximately $40 million.

After the LockerGoga attack, Norsk Hydro still has a long way to go before they fully recover and return to normal. Within the recovery period, their production rate stands at only 70-80%, whereas the full recovery of their IT systems will take weeks or more. The impact of ransomware experienced by Norsk Hydro can be avoided by utilizing the Isla malware isolation solution from Cyberinc, a leading cybersecurity company. Isla isolates the execution of external scripts, URLs, and attachments from end users devices. By doing so, it disrupts the delivery of malicious contents like ransomware or other web-based attacks. Moreover, Isla can effectively and efficiently scale to accommodate any number of enterprise users.

Isla is the only security solution to offer six degrees of isolation between the user and an attack, including content, process, session, appliance, connection, and physical. The comprehensive isolation capabilities will guarantee absolute security for your business. Additionally, Isla comes with analytics and reporting feature that allows you to detect user behavior, threat analytics, and insights. Isla also has three deployment models, namely on-premise, cloud, and hybrid to suit your every business needs.

As one of the IT experts in Indonesia, Blue Power Technology (BPT) has the competency to provide comprehensive IT solutions, including web security. By partnering with Cyberinc, BPT gives Indonesian businesses the chance to leverage Isla and ensure a safe web experience.