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Alibaba Cloud Launched Second Data Center in Indonesia


Alibaba Cloud has launched their second data center in Indonesia on 9thJanuary 2019. The launch is ten months apart after the first launching and it is driven by strong needs of local enterprises across a range of industries including e-commerce, media, fintech, gaming, logistics, transportation and manufacturing. These two Alibaba Cloud’s data centers offer a comprehensive suite of product and services, including elastic computing, database services, networking, storage, security and middleware to analytics and big data.


The second data center is not only to fulfil customer’s demand for more local’s data center capacity as the use of big data and analytic solutions from Indonesian enterprises are increasing, but also to provide high capability service with disaster recovery plan that ensures 99.99% availability that comply with Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) regulations which enforces business in Indonesia to have their data available onshore. The newly launched of Alibaba Cloud’s data center will let both local and global enterprises to have an additional security in the same region (Indonesia) in case of emergencies or unfortunate events, such as data center downtime, etc.


Moreover, for environment interconnection between multiple zones in the same region, Alibaba data center has established a complimentary feature called Express Connect. This feature enables users to build intranet communication channel between two environments and also to fulfil user’s disaster recovery needs. Express Connect helps to improve the flexibility of the network topology and the quality of cross-network communications to achieve high-speed, stable, secure, and dedicated communications between different networks.


By enabling Express Connect feature into Alibaba Cloud data center, users will get these four main benefits:

  1. High-speed intercommunication 

Supports long-distance and end-to-end connection through dedicated networks with low latency and high bandwidth.

  1. Stability and reliability

Built on the state-of-the-art infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud, Express Connect ensures stable and reliable communication between networks.

  1. Security 

All data is transmitted through Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure, with no risk of being exposed to the Internet.

  1. Flexible topology 

Enable to deploy the services in multiple on premise data centers and builds a converged network to connect these data centers to Alibaba Cloud.


With numerous advantages that is offered by Alibaba Cloud’s data center for Indonesian enterprises, Blue Power Technology (BPT) is always committed to provide its customer with the best service by having a partnership with Alibaba Cloud to address the challenges of aging infrastructure increasing security risk, changing regulatory requirements and the dynamic customer base demanding for product and service innovations in the most cost-efficient manner. BPT is here to provide you a complete solution to guarantee scalability, reliability, and data security of the IT system for your business.


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