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Alibaba Mail Cloud Based Email Solution Designed for Enterprises


To ensure that you are delivering the best service of your business, you need to manage good communication in the business network, internally and externally. Despite many available methods for exchanging information, email is one of communication tools that is still widely used. According to Radicati Group’s research, total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will exceed 293 billion in 2019 and is forecasted to reach over 347 billion by the end of 2023.

As email plays an important role as business’s communication tool, maintaining hundreds of corporate accounts will take a lot of efforts and will be very time-consuming. Therefore, using email hosting is one of the most attractive and affordable options for most companies to create and manage unlimited number of email accounts. Besides offering cost-efficiency because you are not required to purchase email infrastructure and hire additional IT team, using email hosting can give you numerous benefits as below:

  • Email hosting portrays credibility of a business. It seems to be more trustworthy when the email addresses followed with business domain name.
  • Enterprise email hosting services will equip mail servers with the industry standard encryption. This guarantees that every data exchange process is well-secured whenever you sign in up to the moment you are not logging out.
  • Email hosting gives adequate storage space when you sign up with an email hosting solutions provider. Some providers can offer MB to GB storage capacity per mailbox, adjusting your needs.
  • Email hosting solutions will effectively block malware and spam. They will have innovative filtering methods such as white-listing and blacklisting, allowing users to make configurations which can automatically send these spam mails to quarantine folders instead of inbox.


Enterprise Mail Alibaba as email hosting solution

There are various option of email hosting provider, but when it comes to reliable yet cost-efficient one, Alibaba Mail is the way to go. Alibaba Mail is one of Email Service Providers (ESP) in the industry that supports public cloud services that is robust and proven as a cost-efficient enterprise-grade cloud email solution designed for all businesses.

Alibaba Mail integrates comprehensive features such as email management, online calendars, and contact management to support business activities as well as works seamlessly with existing office software applications to achieve better scalability and integration. This service offers enterprise users a brand new collaboration software solution that improves productivity.

By using Alibaba Mail, you will get many benefits on many sectors. To improve productivity, Alibaba Mail can help you centrally manage work schedules and meeting invitations and then easily share your calendar with selected contacts. You can also monitor your pairing partner so that you can arrange activities effectively. Meanwhile, to keep your email well-secured, Alibaba Mail will give you notifications if there is any unusual login attempt. This helps you to ensure the security of your account. In Alibaba Mail, you can recall unread emails sent to Alibaba Mail systems. For log query, you can easily query logs to find information about user logons, email sending and receiving, and deleted emails.

So, if you are looking a better set up for your business’s communication, Blue Power Technology (BPT) collaborated with Alibaba Cloud will help you reap every benefit and complete features of Alibaba Mail. For further details, following are the types of service mails provided by Enterprise Mail Alibaba. It starts from standard storage 100GB mailbox storage until 1 TB. You can use this service start from minimal 3 to unlimited user account.