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Blue Power Technology Provided Network Connectivity and Security at Hodgepodge Superfest 2019 with Extreme Networks and Imperva


After successfully becoming a technology partner at Hodgepodge Superfest 2018, Blue Power Technology (BPT), one of the leading IT expert partners in Indonesia and a member of CTI Group, was once again chosen to support Hodgepodge Superfest 2019. Aside from bringing Extreme Networks for the second time to be the network provider for the wireless access points at this year’s event, BPT also brought Imperva for the first time to ensure the network’s security.

This year’s Hodgepodge Superfest combined the theme of music, arts, and technology. Aside from enjoying music performances from local and international artists, attendees had the chance to take pictures in numerous Instagrammable spots and booths with better lighting compared to last year. Therefore, a reliable and secure network was needed so that attendees can share their moments on social media. This was achieved by combining the solutions of Extreme Networks and Imperva in critical areas of Hodgepodge Superfest 2019, namely the registration area at the entrance gate, merchandising booths, as well as a special performance area for artists.

According to Mr. Zaid Haritsyah, the IT Coordinator for Hodgepodge Superfest 2019, BPT was chosen as a technology partner because of BPT’s continued success and proven track record. "At last year's Hodgepodge Superfest, BPT has proven their ability to ensure the entire network at the event will have no downtime by bringing Extreme Networks. With the addition of Imperva this year, this event will surely be free from cyberattacks as well."

To guarantee that the network connectivity was always available and secure to more than 18.000 attendees, BPT provided comprehensive support and services, ranging from installation and configuration, monitoring network availability and stability to on-site technical support personnel. With full support from BPT, Extreme Networks and Imperva run optimally and experienced no downtime or disturbances.

BPT’s participation as a technology partner at events such as Hodgepodge Superfest 2019 has proven that BPT is reliable and experienced in answering all of your network needs for every event. Contact BPT now for more information.