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Develop Your Applications in Microservices and Containerized Environment with Alibaba Cloud Container Service


Businesses are expected to develop their applications in an efficient and speedy manner so that they can keep up with the ever-changing business world and customers' demands and stay ahead of the competition. In developing applications, there are two architectures available, monolithic and microservices.

The main difference between the two is on how applications are built and packaged. In monolithic architecture, applications are built as a single package with all the components and services included, whereas microservices architecture divides the applications to smaller components and services.

The advantage of applying monolithic architecture is the easiness of development since developers only need one code base. On the other hand, microservices applications promise agile development, testing, and deployment. Moreover, each microservice is put in containers so that business cost can be lowered and increase efficiency because businesses only need to take care and feed one operating system for bug fixes and patches since containers share the same operating system. Thus, it is not surprising that businesses are starting to adopt microservices architecture in developing their applications.    

Alibaba Cloud Container Service will help your developers to deploy applications based on microservices architecture. This service splits microservices and stores each microservice application in Alibaba Cloud image repository for management. Alibaba Cloud provides scheduling, orchestration, deployment, and gated launch capabilities. Alibaba Cloud Container Service is a high-performance container management service that can manage the entire lifecycle of containerized applications, either Kubernetes or Docker. Last but not least, this service is integrated in a single dashboard of other Alibaba Cloud service, such as virtualization, storage, network, and security capabilities to create the optimal container running environment on the cloud.

As one of the IT experts in Indonesia, Blue Power Technology (BPT) has a proven track record in providing comprehensive IT solutions for Indonesian enterprises, including application development. By partnering with Alibaba Cloud, BPT can help Indonesian enterprises to leverage the benefits of Alibaba Cloud Container Service when developing their applications.


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