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Four Technologies That Every Smart Office Should Have


With the rapid advancement of technology, a smart office environment is no longer a concept but has turned into a reality. In fact, a research by Grand View Research predicts that the global smart office market will reach $57.05 billion by 2025. A smart office has several smart and IoT-based technologies that differentiate it from a traditional office.


Here are four technologies that every smart office should have:

1. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an advanced way to light your office. Through an application on your mobile device, you can control and monitor the usage of lighting. Equipped with automation capabilities, a smart lighting system can set the amount of lighting based on business hours, the number of occupants in a room, or presetting the light based on the room function, such as for presentation or meeting purposes. This allows the business to save energy usage and business cost while maximizing resources.


2. Smart Thermostat

While a smart lighting system allows you to manage your lighting efficiently in the office, a smart thermostat system allows you to efficiently manage the temperature of the office via a smart sensor and mobile application. A smart thermostat can detect pattern usage and adjust it accordingly. Moreover, it also has motion sensors to detect the room occupancy, which enables it to automatically switch on/off or adjust the room temperature to ensure a comfortable working environment for employees.


3. Mobile Technologies

Utilizing mobility solutions and technologies is a must for every smart office. Not only will it be used to control and monitor the usage of every smart office component, but it also enables employees to work remotely without sacrificing productivity. Through the usage of collaborative applications that are based in the cloud, employees can collaborate and communicate online from anywhere to get their job done. This proves that smart office solutions support the needs of a remote working environment, which will give employees a better work-life balance that will lead to higher satisfaction and retention. Moreover, having remote options will greatly impact the decision made by prospective employees to join a company (Fundera, 2019).


4. Smart Meeting/Conference Rooms

Adopting smart meeting rooms in your office will fulfill all your meeting needs and solve the issues that come with traditional meeting rooms, such as double booking or difficulties in finding an available room. By booking via an application, you can find the available and right meeting rooms, according to the number of attendees. You can also request for food and beverage, along with cleaning services. Moreover, when your guest comes, you will get a notification on your phone. After entering the meeting room, you will also able to adjust the lighting and ambiance so that you can have a productive and comfortable meeting.


Implementing these features and technologies can be a challenge for businesses. As one of the IT expert partners in Indonesia, Blue Power Technology (BPT) has the technical expertise and knowledge to help you. We will advise and guide you in implementing the right solutions so that you can get the full benefits of adopting a smart office environment.


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