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Search and Analyze Business Data Easily with Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch


Nowadays, a search engine is a basic feature that every business should have on their website or application, especially for businesses that have large amounts of content and volume of data such as e-commerce. Having a fast and accurate search engine will greatly improve your customers' experience as well as your sales performance, but a traditional search engine could not give you the speed and flexibility that your business needs. This is why you need to utilize Elasticsearch, a Lucene-based distributed real-time search and analysis engine.


Elasticsearch is a distributed, open-source search and analytics engine for all types of data, including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured. It is the mainstream search engine for enterprises that allows them to store, query, and analyze large amounts of datasets in near real-time. Elasticsearch can be deployed as a hosted, managed service through Elasticsearch Service that is available on various cloud platforms, including Alibaba Cloud.


By utilizing Alibaba Cloud, customers have access to both Elastic's popular open-source products, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash, as well as Elastic's powerful proprietary commercial features (X-Pack) that has security, monitoring, alerting, and machine learning capabilities. This will enhance the deployments of their search, logging, security, or analytics use cases.


The service promises better security and high availability. This is achieved by accessing Elasticsearch through a virtual private cloud (VPC) network and giving enterprise-level access control to one’s Elasticsearch instances. Meanwhile, high availability is ensured with Alibaba Cloud that provides high-performance SSD storage to boost search efficiency,  as well as offsite data recovery to guarantee service availability. Moreover, the service comes with default dual-shard and dual-replica systems to guarantee data indexing efficiency and stability.


Aside from better security, high availability, and data indexing efficiency and stability, Alibaba Cloud also enables you to monitor Elasticsearch instances. The monitoring data includes cluster status, cluster index queries (QPS), cluster write queries (QPS), node CPU usage (%), node disk space usage (%), node heap memory usage (%), and node workload within one minute. You can customize the thresholds for triggering alerts that will be sent to you via text (SMS).


For businesses in Indonesia, the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch Service can be purchased via Blue Power Technology (BPT). With certified cloud and Elasticsearch experts, BPT is ready to advise you on how to leverage this service and help you to resolve any issues that may arise at any time of day.


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