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So, what is the Internet Of Things


What is IoT and what are the impacts? Let's start by understanding a number of things starting from the fact that Internet is increasing, cheap, and growing so IoT is increasingly becoming the perfect thing to use. The Internet of Things is a basic concept that connects any device to each other.

Basically, if we have equipment that has an on and off switch, the equipment has a great opportunity to be used in the IoT realm.
IoT will have an impact that causes new rules where future rules will be, 'anything that can be connected, will be connected'. However, the question is why do we need many devices that are connected to each other? A simple example like, what if you wake up, the AC will automatically turn off at the appointed hour, the alarm clock that has been set at 6 o'clock rings and tells the coffee maker to brew your coffee?

IoT can be applied to various purposes, such as transportation in Smart City or even offices to be Smart Office so that it can facilitate our lives better.

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