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Couchbase offers a world-class, multi-cloud-to-edge database that delivers powerful functionality essential for mission-critical applications on a highly scalable and reliable platform. Unlike other NoSQL databases, Couchbase Server runs as a distributed, cloud-native database in modern, dynamic environments on any cloud, whether it is hosted on-premises or fully managed as a service. Couchbase combines the best of NoSQL with the power and familiarity of SQL, making it easy to move from mainframe and relational databases to distributed on-premises or cloud-hosted environments. 

Couchbase Capella™ is a fully hosted and managed Database as a Service (DBaaS) that reduces the burden and cost of database management. Capella is the fastest and easiest way to start using Couchbase NoSQL.

Couchbase is omnipresent in modern life, with a wide range of clients. including Amadeus, American Express, Carrefour, Cisco, and many leading American Express, Carrefour, Cisco, Comcast/Sky, LinkedIn, Marriott, Tesco, Tommy Hilfiger, United, Verizon and many other well-known brands. 


Instead of storing data in traditional relational tables, NoSQL databases store data in documents. As a result, they are aptly classified as "not just SQL" and flexible data models. Types of NoSQL databases include document databases, key-value stores, wide-column databases, and graph databases. Designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of modern businesses, NoSQL databases are built to store and process large volumes of data at scale. 

Products detail of Couchbase

Flexible Cloud and Edge Options



  • Maximize convenience

  • Easy to start, manage, and scale

  • Industry leading price-performance

  • Highly available and secure


Self-Managed Cloud

  • Maximize control and customizability

  • Leverage DBA's & OPS team skills

  • Choose management strategy and tools

  • Deploy via Kubernetes if you choose


Edge & IoT

  • Offline first design for max uptime

  • Extreme speed and reliability

  • Data integrity: secure, automated sync

  • Broad SQL and device support

Capella Across Use Cases and Business Goals


  • Legacy Offloading

  • Personalization

  • Token Management

  • Transaction Processing

Document Store

  • Product Catalog

  • Customer 360li>

BI & Big Data

  • Real-time Analytics

  • Risk Analysis

  • Fraud Detection

Mobile & Edge

  • Mobile Application

  • Field Service Enablement

  • Edge Computing

Business Goals

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Faster time to market

  • Drive loyalty, increase revenue

  • Increase cost savings

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Reduce cart abandonment

Why Should You Choose Couchbase?

  • Flexible: Data model (JSON)

  • Declarative query language: complete SQL capability

  • Fast: sub-millisecond latency

  • Scalable: elastic scaling in clusters

  • Available: HA/DR

  • Multi-purpose: cache/ key-value/ query/ search

  • Data Locality: geo-replication/ XDCR

  • Mobility: local/ offline/ hierarchal sync

Advantages of Couchbase


  • Familiar and flexible: SQL for JSON

  • Structured: multi-level data controls

  • Dependable: transaction support

  • Programmable: 10 SDKs and UDFs

  • Fast: in-memory design

  • Multiservice: build more, faster

  • Distributed: mobile, geographic & edge


  • Multi services: improve time to market

  • Dependable: ACID transactions

  • Structured: multi-level data organization

  • High performance & high availability

  • Cloud-native: Kubernetes

  • Deployability: however, whenever


  • Self-managed in the cloud with a very high degree of control and flexibility

  • Fully managed in the cloud for convenience, speed to start, and smaller teams