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DeskIn, established in July 2021, acquired a 10-year company specializing in remote access. DeskIn is committed to integrating leading network technology into systems focused on remote desktops, virtual desktops (VDI/VMI), and cloud desktops, enabling users to improve work efficiency and data security. 

With over 170 experienced professionals in internet R&D and operation, DeskIn is currently operating in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Hungary. Having more than 20 years of network experience optimization, our professional development team will guarantee high-quality remote desktop connections on a secure basis. 

The first OTT SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) for remote desktop  

Multi-dimensional security design 

Auto disable third party with remote local that supported by VAS screen recording for the usage. Strict access authorization to limit the remote desktop access, including the time usage. 

Products detail of DeskIn

High Performance Remote Work/Design

Ideal for graphic design, gaming, and video. DeskIn offers real-time communication with 4K/HD frame rate, high-speed connections, low latency, lag rates, and multi USB-redirection that can connect with gaming console.

IT Management/Remote Maintenance

Suited for device monitoring in IT management and remote maintenance. It also provides high-speed connections, low latency, minimal lagging, and multiple connections from multiple nodes enhanced by DeskIn SD-WAN.

The solution is ideal for manufacturing/logistic industries. DeskIn is available for Android & iOS platform, offers high-speed connections, low latency, precise logging, role-based management, and 3rd-party management.

Technical Support for External Clients

Tailored for government, financial, and healthcare industries. Security become the main concern with features like logging, screen recording, 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), and air-gapped local server deployment.

Unattended Device Management

Designed for SMB device monitoring, including Videotron and IoT devices. It offers high-speed connections, low latency, and multiple connections from multiple nodes, enhanced by DeskIn SD-WAN