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Extreme Networks

Since 1996, Extreme has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology, driven by a vision of making it simpler and faster as well as more agile and secure. But our higher purpose has always been helping our customers connect beyond the network, strengthening their relationships with those they serve. Today, we call that Customer-Driven Networking.

Extreme Networks has been helping enterprises around the world to face today’s network challenges by delivering agile and adaptive networks. With a range of products and solutions designed to optimize customer’s networks performance, we believe that we could assist all enterprise of all size to enable digital transformation by building a stronger, agile, adaptive, and secure network. 

Extreme Networks provides one simple product line to help enterprises build the most flexible software-driven networking solutions imaginable. We cover most of advanced network products needed for today’s world such as switching, routing, mobility, and more. 

Products detail of Extreme Networks

Smart OmniEgde Solution

Smart OmniEdge network solution provides a unified wired/wireless infrastructure for cloud or premise deployment, augmented with AI-powered applications and managed through a single pane of glass.

Automated Campus Networking Solutions

Quickly deploy the new digital technology that your organization requires, prevent cyber-attacks at every entry point, and do it all while delivering a consistent and personalized user experience.

Agile Data Center Networking Solution

Extreme Networks Agile Data Center solutions deliver the automation, visibility, and flexibility needed to make digital transformation a reality.