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Hillstone Networks

Hillstone Networks provides Enterprise Security and Risk Management solutions which provide visibility, intelligence, and protection to ensure enterprises can comprehensively see, thoroughly understand and rapidly act against cyber-threats. 

Easily deployed from the edge to the cloud providing a scalable security suite that fits any enterprise while improving total-cost-of-ownership. Several most advanced techniques from Hillstone employed in Machine Learning and behavioral analytics in its firewall and server system such as Abnormal Behaviour Detection (ABD), Network Traffic Analytics (NTA), and Complete Kill Chain Mapping (CKCM). From security analytics into actionable prevention and decision making.

Products detail of Hillstone Networks

Defending the Network Perimeter

Network perimeter is the first line of the security defense for enterprise, Hillstone provides the next generation perimeter solutions with the unparalleled threat visibility and protection without compromising the network performance and business continuity, these include Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS).