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Imperva is an analyst-recognized, cybersecurity leader championing the fight to secure data and applications wherever they reside. We protect and provide a secure foundation for our customers’ businesses. Once deployed, our solutions proactively identify, evaluate, and eliminate current and emerging threats, so you never have to choose between innovating for customers and protecting what matters most.

Imperva protects your company from cybercriminals, whether it’s external actors or malicious insiders. Imperva protects cloud applications, websites and applications, files, SharePoint systems, databases and big data repositories from both theft and ever-evolving extortion attacks like DDoS and ransomware. Our technology provides granular visibility into how users access data and applications, and uses sophisticated user tracking and classification to detect and block cyberattacks, botnets, unauthorized users and malicious insiders. 

With comprehensive products that cover application security, data security, and cloud security in the company, Imperva is committed to support and work with you and help you keep up with security compliance challenges and stay away from cybercriminals. 

Products detail of Imperva

Application Security

protects your applications wherever they are located and tirelessly defends your business growth with full-function cloud application security and delivery with on-premises security options.

Data Security

Securing your data from attacks and simplifying regulatory compliance is crucial for online business. Imperva Data Security does both. Imperva data security protects your data on-premises and in the cloud by monitoring all data activity from unauthorized access.