IBM Integrated Analytic System Appliances

Replace your current Data Warehouse Now With Higher Performance, Machine Learning Ready, and Cloud Ready!

Terms & Condition:
• Price calculated using IBM Integrated Analytic System M4002-001, for bigger workloads, you may need bigger IBM Integrated Analytic System model.
• IBM Data Science Experience is included in the bundle with IBM Integrated Analytic System
• IBM Datastage (ETL Tools) and IBM Cognos Analytics (BI tools) Software license and server needed to install the ETL and BI tools is not included
• in this bundle price and need to be provided by the customer, but can be purchased separately if the customer doesn’t have it
• Services included in this bundle price is:
– Migration process supervision export and import
– 1 Design Schema Database
– IBM Datastage Installation
– Connect 1 data source
– Create 1 Job
– Transfer Knowledge/ Training
• Price stated above excludes any applicable taxes that may be applied