Smarter Operations

To maintain long-term sustainability, businesses must expand and adapt to the digitalization of their operations. Automating manual tasks and reducing human involvement in order to monitor and control things more easily revolutionizes how businesses handle their internal and organizational challenges. 

We've designed our Smart Operations service to help local governments, port operators, manufacturers and other sectors who want to modernize their business operations. Our experience on smart city implementation in Indonesia will also help you in establishing intelligent operations with end-to-end support for implementation, migration, performance tuning, managed service and maintenance. 


Infrastructure Services

It is imperative that IT infrastructure is carefully planned, deployed and maintained. BPT, with its wide portfolio and long journey as IT expert partner, provides infrastructure service to help businesses implement their integrated solutions across the IT infrastructure in order to accelerate their transformation journey and business operation.

BPT’s comprehensive Infrastructure Service covers planning, implementing, and supporting customer’s various high-end IT infrastructure in every specific environment such as the installation of hardware, disaster recovery solution, virtualization solutions, system migration service, data backup recovery service, and IT infrastructure performance tuning.

Software Infrastructure Services

BPT as IT expert partner in Indonesia provides an end-to-end software infrastructure implementation service. Offering comprehensive software services with professional and certified team, BPT provides software implementation service, software development service, and software maintenance service. 

In order to prevent or repair the occurrence of errors of the implemented software, BPT offers preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance services for various enterprise-size software as the best and most efficient way in maintaining software performance. Moreover, BPT has professionally certified staff who are ready to exceed customer’s expectation by providing them service excellence according to their needs regardless their size of business. 


Virtualization Infrastructure

BPT's Virtualization Infrastructure service streamlines your IT so you can operate in a more efficient and cost-effective way with better solutions, more agility, and improved performance. We offer an end-to-end virtualization service from the world's best IT brands to help you seamlessly plan and accelerate your virtualization process. 

You can also choose the kind of virtualization solution you need based on your technical requirements, from virtualization implementation, virtualization migration, virtualization relocation, virtualization performance tuning, to virtualization managed service and maintenance. 

Workload Migration

Workload portability and migration are key to application modernization and business cloud adoption. Without workload migration, you will be tied to a single cloud provider and its price, rules, and performance characteristics. 

BPT offers Workload Migration service to help you easily relocate and migrate your physical or logical workload. Our service is designed primarily for enterprises who need to move their workload to any IBM Brands or Intel-based server. By our expertise in relocation/migration with practically every Power and Intel product, you will get full support and a wide range of services, starting with migration application, migration database, migration operating system, and database relocation. 


Maintenance Services

It is important to protect your critical IT investment. This is why BPT offers IT Maintenance services to ensure that your IT system is always available and reliable. Our preventive and corrective maintenance service is designed for businesses of all sizes that need high availability and stability in their IT systems. 

BPT’s IT Maintenance service gives multivendor support with value added capabilities, and it will help you overcome of your frustrating IT problems by providing fast and proactive maintenance for customers' new, out-of-warranty, and end-of-life IT equipment such as servers, storage and networks 

Lenovo AWSP

Blue Power Technology (BPT) has been a trusted Lenovo enterprise solution distributor since 2003. With long journey and numerous successful collaborations, Lenovo is expanding its cooperation by appointing BPT as Lenovo Authorized Warranty Service Provider (AWSP) partner in Indonesia.

The appointment of BPT as Lenovo AWSP partner is intended to enable customers and business partners to get world-class service for Lenovo products such as spare parts replacement service and fixing troubled products.