Consultancy Services

With years of experience in wide range of IT projects has made BPT knows which the best IT investment for businesses and communities is. Aimed to improve and maximize business’ IT system, BPT provides consultation service with our trusted and professionals IT consultants to guide our customers develop and plan the right blueprint.

We involve our customers in every stage of the processes to help and guide them decide their specific IT needs. Through the consultation service, BPT will assist customers reap maximum advantages of their IT solutions and tackle the challenges that they might face during the implementation and development processes.


Infrastructure Services

It is imperative that IT infrastructure is carefully planned, deployed and maintained. BPT, with its wide portfolio and long journey as IT expert partner, provides infrastructure service to help businesses implement their integrated solutions across the IT infrastructure in order to accelerate their transformation journey and business operation.

BPT’s comprehensive Infrastructure Service covers planning, implementing, and supporting customer’s various high-end IT infrastructure in every specific environment such as the installation of hardware, disaster recovery solution, virtualization solutions, system migration service, data backup recovery service, and IT infrastructure performance tuning.

Software Infrastructure Services

BPT as IT expert partner in Indonesia provides an end-to-end software infrastructure implementation service. Offering comprehensive software services with professional and certified team, BPT provides software implementation service, software development service, and software maintenance service. 

In order to prevent or repair the occurrence of errors of the implemented software, BPT offers preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance services for various enterprise-size software as the best and most efficient way in maintaining software performance. Moreover, BPT has professionally certified staff who are ready to exceed customer’s expectation by providing them service excellence according to their needs regardless their size of business. 


Network and Security Services

Endpoint and network security are no longer sufficient because modern threats demand a new layer of protection that keeps up with high-value applications and data assets in your physical and virtual data center. Therefore, with its long experience as a trusted IT expert partner, BPT has helped businesses by delivering a new layer of protection that keep businesses high standard of network security and to ensure continuous availability and proactively prevent their IT resources from experiencing potential threats.

BPT Network and Security Service provide security product and solutions to enable businesses to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced threats and other cyber-attacks that targeting data center that routinely bypasses conventional signature-reliant defenses.

Managed Services

As business grows, the need of IT solution is also increasing. With numerous emerging technologies available, has required business to invest in new IT members. However, this option can end up costing a lot in the long term. To address this challenge, business can be partnering with managed service provider that can be a more cost efficient and time-effective solution and lets business focus on what matter most.

With our certified and professional engineers, BPT offers a managed service in order to help business stay productive and improve their IT system availability 24/7. BPT will remotely monitor and manage customer’s IT infrastructure starting from middleware, database, cloud, mobile applications, and IT security, and give them real-time performance report and immediate action if there is any emergency.


Maintenance Services

In order to take care customer’s critical IT investment, BPT is offering its reliable maintenance service. BPT will ensure the business’ IT system availability and reliability by offering corrective and preventive maintenance services as the part of its after-sales support. These services are designed for customers who needs high availability (corrective maintenance) and strong stability (preventive maintenance) of IT system.

BPT maintenance service has helped their customers away from frustrating IT problems by providing fast and proactive maintenance support for customer’s new, out-of-warranty and end-of-life IT equipment start from server, network, PC, and more.

Lenovo AWSP

Blue Power Technology (BPT) has been a trusted Lenovo enterprise solution distributor since 2003. With long journey and numerous successful collaborations, Lenovo is expanding its cooperation by appointing BPT as Lenovo Authorized Warranty Service Provider (AWSP) partner in Indonesia.

The appointment of BPT as Lenovo AWSP partner is intended to enable customers and business partners to get world-class service for Lenovo products such as spare parts replacement service and fixing troubled products.