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Smart City Solutions

Smart city solution provides comprehensive smart technologies to improve the standard of living in the city and create a better civilization. The technology covers data analytic visualization in the Command Center, which integrates everything from citizen complaint, live CCTV, indoor & outdoor tracking, asset management, city agency applications, video analytics, IoT platforms, weather channels, video conferences and more.

To build a better living quality of citizens, a Smart City needs to fulfill collaboration of various smart solution components such as smart logistic, smart surveillance, smart township, smart industry, smart grid, and smart pole. As the most powerful and cost-effective solution for a city, a well-designed smart city will benefit government, citizens, and even environment. 

Higher Life's Quality

Smart city helps city operates more efficiently and manages resources such as electricity, water, and waste more effectively.

More Secure City

Leveraging smart technologies such as license plate recognition, surveillance camera, face recognition help reduce criminal activity.

Cost Saving

The collaboration of smart technologies such as automation, AI, and data-sharing could help cities save cost and improve efficiency.

How Blue Power Technology Can Help

Smart city is a big investment that offers various positive effects. To help governments build a successful smart city, Blue Power Technology (BPT) provides a comprehensive service ranging from providing consultation, creating master plan, giving proof of concept (POC), implementation, to technical support after the sales. 

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